Magical Kisses Photography | About

I am a photographer in Lubbock, Texas. Family is absolutely, and by far, the most important thing in my life. I am a wife, a Mom, a Mimi, a nurse, and a photographer. Never in that same order. Even to my clients, patients, babies, husband, and children.

I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. I have stood at the one-hour photo counter and cried over badly taken, badly exposed, and badly processed pictures. Moments I can't get back. Magical moments I have only my memory to preserve.

Try to recall the face of your husband the day he proposed. Try to recall the exact shape of your baby's fingers at 4 days old. Try as you might, as precious as it may be, you cannot get back the detail of the priceless toothless smile of your 6-year-old.

I am very emotionally attached to a photo of my 3-year-old daughter, Morgan, kissing her baby sister, Shelby. It's one of hundreds of photos I took that winter. But now, looking into the faces of my grandchildren, how much I treasure that single photo is immeasurable. Thankfully that moment was not left to my memory to preserve. They were sweet to each other. They loved and kissed each other all the time. But there have been times in their lives that I could not swear it really happened without that proof-positive, precious photo. It was captured for a lifetime.

I am blessed to share this amazing life of mine with my best friend, my husband Scott. It is with his love and support, that I am given the opportunity to pursue this love. I photograph from the heart. Through my lens I see my own babies, my own children, my own wedding day. I think about the little things that I love about my own personal photos, and I want to capture that. Moments you only get one chance at. A glance, a whisper, a connection. A fleeting magical moment. A moment like that deserves to be preserved for a lifetime. That is my passion. I will laugh, be silly, get in the floor and act foolish, all for the sake of the perfect picture. But I will also be professional, private, and easy to get to know.

Why Magical Kisses? A sweet moment from my past when my husband joked and said I used "Jedi mind tricks" to hypnotize him with love. My response, "No. Just magical kisses".  This is life in motion. This is the magic of things I never want to forget.

Life is in motion. Capture the magic of your life, for a lifetime.